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Ipoh Salted Chicken (Bentong Ginger Flavour) 盐焗鸡调味香料包 (文冬姜味)


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Made from a concoction of Chinese herbs and natural spices, HENG YOON Ipoh Salted Chicken All-in-One Seasoning comes with earthy flavours and aroma of Angelica Sinensis, for an amazingly delicious taste. It is suitable for all ages and especially ideal as a confinement food for new mothers.

  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Natural Ingredients

恒运怡保盐焗鸡调味香料包选用多种上等中药和天然香料调制而成,经过腌制和烹煮出来的盐焗鸡不但香味四溢、营养丰富,还具有补血美颜、润燥暖胃的温补功能。老少咸宜,尤其对坐月的妇女更是极佳的补品。 本产品结合了传统的独特配方和现代的食品加工技术制成的独立包装,让您在料理时得心应手,方便快速,不管何时何地都能跟亲朋戚友一起享用您精心烹煮的盐焗鸡。

  • 无防腐剂
  • 无人工色素
  • 品质保证
  • 天然成份


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